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Every child deserves the opportunity to be safe, to learn and to grow.

The Children & Youth Programs has several initiatives that assist children and grandchildren of Mason’s, as well as community members. The support of and investment in children and youth is a priority for the Freemasons of Washington. Washington Masonic Charities is proud to spearhead these critical programs and we have made it easy for you to support these young people - just click here!

Scholarship Program
Masons believe strongly in investing in the education of young people - tens of thousands of dollars a year in scholarships are provided to youth by Masonic Lodges across the state. Washington Masonic Charities partners with the Grand Lodge of Washington to provide state-wide scholarships for deserving high school seniors attending high school in the state of Washington.

Who May Apply?
High School Seniors
Resident of the State of Washington

Available Scholarships
Capstone: Top Senior Statewide (one available) $4,000 (The top senior selected by the review team)
Senior Boy & Girl: (three) $2,000 each
Vocational-Technical College: (one) $2,000
Masonic Legacy: (one) $2,000
Masonic Youth Scholarships: (three) $1,000 each (Note: Visit Washington Job's Daughters, Rainbow, or DeMolay websites for more information on how to apply)
Masonic Legacy Scholarship: (one) $2,000
Public high school seniors residing in Washington, who are a dependent of a Washington State Jurisdiction Master Mason in good standing (father or guardian), or the grandchild of a Washington State Jurisdiction Master Mason in good standing. If the student's father, guardian, or grandfather are deceased, they must have been in good standing at the time of their passing.

For more information go to Scholarships

Model Student Assistance Program
This program of the National Masonic Foundation for Children is an intensive training workshop for educators to learn how to identify, intervene with, and create appropriate referrals for students that may be at risk for substance abuse, depression, suicide or violence. Masonic Model training is conducted by Newman/Stecher International, the sole providers of Masonic Model Student Assistance Program training. This workshop trains a Core Team of five to eight educators from a school building in how to intervene early and effectively with students that display patterns of behaviors that threaten their success at school.

This program involves practice sessions designed to simulate real events along with presentations on such subjects as: Chemical Dependency; Depression and Suicide;, Conflict, Anger and Violence; Communication Skills and Intervention; Family Dynamics; Enabling; Life Skills Development; Treatment and Aftercare; and Group Process. Participants leave the training with a specific plan for behavioral interventions, and a system for implementing the program in their schools.

This student assistance program has proven to be an effective tool for educators as they seek increasingly to make the most out of every minute of teaching time. This program is offered for educators K-12. Costs for this training, including room and board during the three days are covered by Washington Masonic Charities.

To learn more, watch this video
Visit Newman/Stecher International to learn more.

The Civility Project
ci·vil·i·ty səˈvilədē/ (noun) Formal politeness and courtesy in behavior or speech. "I hope we can treat each other with civility and respect". Synonyms: courtesy, courteousness, politeness, good manners, graciousness, consideration, respect, politesse, comity

This new project is a partnership between Washington Masonic Charities and youth serving organizations to put Civility back into the daily conversation. The goal is to remind young people to practice civility on a regular basis. It is as simple as; be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger.

This project is designed to work with young people by modeling and teaching civility and having them learn the benefits of being civil to others.

Visit the Youth Civility Program page
Visit the Masonic Family Civility Program to learn more.

Civility Social Media Contest
Create a Social Media Campaign about what civility means to you, your neighborhood, community or country. The goal is to improve civility in all aspects of our lives.

Civility is essential for the success of any society. It is grounded in respect and in an attitude of inclusiveness. When civility is practiced it is a reminder about the impact actions on others while contributing to the well being of family, community and society at large.
Civility can simply be defined as treating others as you would want them to treat you – “The Golden Rule”.

For more information go to the Civility Social Media Contest.

Washington Safety & Identification Program
Washington State Freemasons believe that every child deserves the opportunity to be safe. With this in mind, Washington Masonic Charities promotes child safety through its Washington Safety and Identification Program. The purpose of this program is to provide children, parents, and adult guardians and relatives with information and resources to help assure that the children in their lives are safe.

To assist the Lodges in this effort, a series of child/youth safety documents have been developed that can be used to display in a booth for community events. This is an opportunity for Mason’s to provide a service to the community by providing resources for parents. The Lodge might want to compile a list of community resources a parent can call if they feel their child needs counseling services.

Contact Kurt Miller for more information and materials that are available.
Download a PDF of the available printed materials.
Download the Order Form for Booth Materials.
Website: First Aid
Website: Emergency Preparedness Activity for Kids
Website: Children's Personal Safety & ID Kits
Website: Firearms Safety
Website: Water & Boating Safety
Website: Bicycle Safety

Bikes for Books
A Lodge initiative that ties the awarding of bikes to reading books. The program can be used in your local elementary school or library, as an incentive to encourage young people to read. This program has provided many heartwarming stories in our communities.

To learn more here is a one page guide. Bikes for Books Guide

DECA Partnership
DECA of Washington and Washington Masonic Charities have teamed up to provide volunteer opportunities for Masons throughout the state. DECA, a business oriented program for high school students, is looking for volunteers to assist in their local and state-wide competitions and mentors for programs at any one of the 124 high schools they are located at.

To learn more visit the DECA website.

For more information on any of these programs contact Kurt Miller at