Masonic Student Assistance Program a Success

Larry Newman working with teachers

Twenty eight educators gathered at the brand new Salish Middle School on a warm August morning to learn how to be more effective in their efforts to meet the needs of students who may be struggling academically, socially, or emotionally. Every school has children who face extraordinary challenges that can get in the way of their learning, but they can often get lost in the system due to resource and time limitations. This training, the Masonic Model Student Assistance Program, provided a different way of thinking about the challenge.

Freemasons of Washington Boost Young Adults with Scholarships

It is with great pleasure that the Washington Masonic Charities Public Schools Outreach committee announces the scholarship recipients for 2016. Applications were received from across the state and were evaluated at the local Masonic Lodge level, the Masonic district level, and then finally by the Public Schools Outreach Committee for Washington Masonic Charities.

Helping Kids Learn and Grow!

Washington Masonic Charities is working hard to to help bring light to a very big part of our community that is in the darkness - the more than 35,000 children in our state who are homeless. Shockingly, 6,000 of those kids have no parent or guardian, and are either couch surfing, waiting for foster care, or living on the streets. No child deserves to grow up without caring adults guiding them toward success.