Nothing in Life is Certain But Death and Taxes

"Nothing is certain in life, but death and taxes," This is a phrase most often attributed to Brother Benjamin Franklin.

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The good news is that if you haven't made a will, the government has a plan for you, governed by state intestacy statute. The bad news is that it follows a formula that neither you, nor your family control.

  • Most people don't have a will
  • Most people have not created a plan for how to take care of their families or make gifts to the things that are important to them
  • State and federal law governs the estates of people who pass away without a will
  • This means that the government has a plan for your assets
  • You can change this by creating a will and considering planned giving strategies

Estate and gift planning is easier than you may think, and we are fortunate to have many professionals who are Masons that can help you gather information, make decisions, and create plans.

We are here to encourage you to consider discussing how to take care of your loved ones and how to leave a legacy to your Lodge or charitable endeavors that matter to you most. What you give to at the end of life (or before) is a lesson that you teach others about what you value. The opportunity is to create lasting impact well beyond your lifetime.

Leaving a legacy can be easier than you think!

Planned giving, as part of an overall estate plan can help assure that your decisions and priorities are honored, than letting the government decide for you. There are many options available. In addition, you may gain tax benefits during your lifetime depending on how you choose to make contributions and the nature of your income and assets.
Some of these include:

  • Bequest
  • Insurance Policy Beneficiary
  • IRA Rollover - charitable distribution
  • Gifts of securities - stocks and bonds
  • Gifts of Real Property
  • Charitable Remainder Trust

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