Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is intended to help provide accurate information about Masonic Outreach Services and what it does. Here are some frequently asked questions and the answers.

Q: Now that the Masonic Retirement Center is closed, how can older adult Masons and widows get help?
A: Masonic Outreach Services, a program of Washington Masonic Charities, provides a wide array of support for older Mason's and widows, and members of the Masonic family. Our professional staff, who are qualified to provide support and care for seniors, tailor supports and services for our senior clients to suit their needs.

If you, a loved one, or someone you know is a senior who needs assistance with learning how to age in place safely and comfortably, or how to obtain skilled care in a facility,
please call us toll free at 1 (844) 288-3531 or send an email to and we will provide assistance.

Q: How much assistance is being provided by Masonic Outreach Services to worthy Master Masons and widows as contrasted with the general public?
A: The short answer is that over time the vast majority of services being provided are going to worthy Master Masons or widows. As a 501 (C) 3 public charity, WA Masonic Charities is also required to assist the general public, which we do. Our services are available to anyone.

Q: Is there still help for distressed or destitute worthy Master Masons or their widows?
A:YES! We will assist in finding a way to assure that the individual has appropriate care, comfort and dignity, with the expectation that the worthy Master Mason or widow agrees to avail themselves of the resources available to them as part of the solution. No distressed worthy Master Mason or their widow will go without. The staff of Masonic Outreach Services works with individuals in distress to identify the facts and resources available to help in their unique circumstance. In addition, we are able to collaborate with the Grand Lodge.

Q: A family member or Mason I know needs help, but doesn't want to live in a retirement or nursing home. Can Masonic Outreach Services help with that?
A: YES! Our professional staff will meet with the individual and/or their family or personal representative in their home or where they are staying to discuss their needs and concerns. Based on this discussion we'll help create a plan of action. Our staff may conduct an assessment of financial, physical, health, social, and emotional issues and make a recommendation. We can help with coordinating the activities necessary for appropriate aging in place, including such things as light home modification (grab bars, ramps, etc), assistance coordinating in-home care, assistance with identifying financial resources the individual is entitled to, identification and coordination of such things as Meals on Wheels, and much more. Each situation is different and we specialize in solving problems.

Q: What about "Option 1"? I think we should go back to having this available for worthy Master Masons and their widows is that going to happen?
A: Option 1 was uniquely part of the Masonic Retirement Center and a method many years ago, by which a Mason or widow could turn over their assets to the Grand Lodge and in return receive life-long care. Option 1 was not a financially viable model for long term care, which can cost upwards of $10,000 per month in a "private pay" scenario. Many do not realize that Masonic retirement centers across the nation are actually dependent on non-masonic residents and patients and the revenues that come along with them, which aid in subsidizing the overall financial model. In today's world, no older adult is left to the streets. In many cases the best option is assisted living or an adult family home, and many take Medicaid. Medicaid is available to any older adult who meets low income requirements. COPES is a program available for lower income adults to provide in home care support. There are an array of options.

While the Option 1 model may not be viable, WA Masonic Charities will coordinate with community and Masonic resources to assure that no distressed worthy Master Mason or their widow who is willing to avail themselves of all resources available to them will never go without.

WA Masonic Charities, in partnership with the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Washington, Free & Accepted Masons, continues to provide support for several former residents of the MRC Facility, both financially and through the care and support provided by our Senior Outreach Specialist, Marcia Washburn, LPN.

Q: I am giving care for an older adult relative and I am struggling. Is there help for me?
A: YES! Family care providers are the backbone of care-giving in the US. In Washington there are more than 600,000 older adult who depend on care-giving relatives. If you are struggling or know someone who is, call our case managers and we'll be able to assist with caregiver supports and options.