Nothing in Life is Certain But Death and Taxes

"Nothing is certain in life, but death and taxes," This is a phrase most often attributed to Brother Benjamin Franklin.

Do you have a will? Have you made plans for your estate? Click here to leave contact information - we''ll follow up with you./a>

The good news is that if you haven't made a will, the government has a plan for you, governed by state intestacy statute. The bad news is that it follows a formula that neither you, nor your family control.

Rainbow Civility Training Success!

When sixty five Rainbow Girls get together, your know its is going to be interesting and fun.

Children and Youth Programs staff and volunteers were invited to provide Civility Dialogue training for Rainbow Jurisdictional Representatives, and for Rainbow Pages in Wenatchee and Leavenworth in September. By all accounts, this training was a success.

On the Level: Student Success!

Every child deserves the opportunity to be safe, to learn and to grow. Washington Masonic Charities is working hard to bring different initiatives to cities and communities throughout the state and help bring light to a very big part of that community which is in the darkness - the more than 40,000 children in our state who are homeless.

2019-20 College Scholarships Program

College StudentsWashington Masonic Charities is proud to partner with the Grand Lodge of Washington to offer scholarships for deserving young people throughout the state of Washington. Masons believe strongly in investing in the education of young people - tens of thousands of dollars a year in scholarships are provided to youth by Masonic Lodges across the state. We've also made it convenient for you to support these students.

Your Future - Your Way Workshops-Sign Up Today!

Ed%20Outreach.JPGGetting older can be tough on families. It is hard for us or our parents to admit that we need help, and even harder to think about the possibility of losing our independence. We have a new program geared toward both older adults as well as adults whose parents are aging and may need assistance. This workshop is an opportunity to ask questions, get information, and create a plan. You'll be surprised at what is possible.

Library & Museum

libraryVisit this fascinating collection of Masonic objects, ephemera and the vast collection of books and documents. The Washington Masonic Library & Museum docents will be happy to show you around and share some of the interesting information about Freemasonry in the state of Washington. You can also visit our virtual collections by going to