Emergency Needs & Masonic Assistance

How to Seek Masonic Outreach Service and Emergency Needs Assistance
Washington Masonic Charities’ professionally trained and experienced staff provide confidential outreach and emergency needs assistance for Freemasons in good standing anywhere in Washington. This includes wives and widows. In addition we help the general public. We work alongside lodges, the Grand Lodge Charity Committee and the Masonic Service Bureau to provide assistance.

We encourage you to connect with us if you are aware of a senior or person with a disability in your lodge who could benefit from our confidential outreach services. Our aim is to provide you the best and quickest assistance possible.

WA Masonic Charities provides the following outreach services for seniors and others in need:
Information & Referral – to identify options for support and assistance locally.
Assessment – to understand your total circumstance and provide options and recommendations.
Support Planning – Turning the recommendations to a plan of action to help stabilize and improve the situation.
Direct Support & Assistance – In home visits, monitoring, and assistance.
Home modification assistance - For seniors and people with disabilities.
Assistance with transitions - To assisted living, skilled care, etc.

Staff members of WA Masonic Charities Masonic Outreach Services will confidentially assist with any step in the process below.

Brethren who become aware of a brother or widow in need should help them use the process below, but should also encourage them to contact us, confidentially, at (844) 288-3531 toll free sooner than later so we can help.

Here are the three steps for a Freemason in good standing (or widow) seeking Emergency Needs Assistance:
1. Home Lodge: Contact the lodge Worshipful Master or Lodge Secretary and find out what the home lodge process is to request assistance. A Mason must ask for help at the home lodge level first.
2. Grand Lodge: If the need is greater than what your local lodge can help with, then a Master Mason in good standing may complete a Request for Masonic Relief form, found on the Grand Lodge web site. Follow the instructions or call us and ask for assistance. This will go through the Charity Committee process. Charity Committee Masonic Relief Form.
3. WA Masonic Charities: If the need is still greater, then WA Masonic Charities may also be able to provide limited one-time emergency needs assistance. (844) 288-3531 toll free. Ask for Byron Cregeur/Program Director or any one of the Masonic Outreach Services Case Managers.

The Masonic Service Bureauis also able to provide assistance. The MSB primary focus is assisting Masons in good standing who are going through financial issues-loss of job, or sudden hardship expenses. MSB assistance is Short-Term in nature. Masons in good standing need to be sponsored by their Home Lodge.Visit the Masonic Service Bureau website or call or 206-937-1445.