Helping Kids Learn and Grow!

Washington Masonic Charities is working hard to to help bring light to a very big part of our community that is in the darkness - the more than 35,000 children in our state who are homeless. Shockingly, 6,000 of those kids have no parent or guardian, and are either couch surfing, waiting for foster care, or living on the streets. No child deserves to grow up without caring adults guiding them toward success.

On any given day thousands of children in Washington are hungry, don't have stable adults in their lives, and face extraordinary barriers to their future success. In addition to homeless children, there are nearly 9,000 children in foster care, and untold numbers of children living in poverty, each of whom need our help.

Freemasons around the world commit to helping children and others in need. Washington Masonic Charities is proud to play a major role in focusing that effort on behalf of the Freemasons in Washington State. Washington Masonic Charities is partnering with and providing support for children in communities throughout Washington.

Here are just a few ways the Freemasons of Washington through Washington Masonic Charities are providing assistance. We're helping to provide weekend meals for the Nourishing Network Program in Snohomish County. WA Masonic Charities is providing supporting for services that assist homeless youth in Pierce and Thurston Counties. We have funded a group of churches in Wenatchee that make sure school age kids have backpacks and supplies for school. We are also helping at risk kids in Spokane be safe and have meals during the summer - all of this is because of the hard work and dedication of Freemasons in communities throughout Washington.

If you're interested in supporting our efforts, please consider a donation today.