Director's Corner - May 2019

One of my goals is to earn your support through our good work.

My hope is that every Mason in Washington will be as proud of Washington Masonic Charities as every Shriner is of Shrine Hospitals for Children. Over the course of this next year you will see in this newsletter and elsewhere the stories of the people we serve and the positive impact that this Fraternity is making in the lives of these individuals.

None of what we do happens without the help and support of the Brethren, especially generous Brethren and their widows who have made estate gifts. Today we have dozens of active volunteers, and nearly 300 individual donors.

Yet, just 3% of the more than 10,000 Masons in Washington contribute directly to WAMC. The work we are doing is important, reflects our Masonic values, and is this Jurisdiction's charitable work. It surprises many Masons to learn that WAMC receives no direct support from the Grand Lodge annual assessment.

The majority of WAMC funding, 80%, comes from endowments and trusts that Masons and their widows contributed to decades ago. My hope is that today’s Masons will pay it forward, like their Brethren from the past.

Imagine what we could do if 10% of our Fraternity gave a dollar a day for Masonic Charity - when we provide a value of nearly $7 for each dollar we spend in Masonic Outreach Services, we would be making a difference in people's lives to the tune of more than $2 million more than today!

We've created a program called Masonic Charity 365 - individuals and Lodges that commit to this level of annual giving will receive special recognition. (sign up here!)

This past year we have had a few especially generous Masons tell us that they support our work so much that they have given to our endowment. Some have even made plans for a portion of their estate to be gifted to WAMC’s endowment when they pass on to the Celestial Lodge.

If you would like more information about how you or your Lodge can contribute to our endowment or other funds, please call me at 253.442.2525 or send an email to

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Fraternally Yours
Br. Ken Gibson
Executive Director
Washington Masonic Charities