Washington Masonic Charities 2018-2019 In Review

Washington Masonic Charities serves Masons in need - including our older Brethren their wives, widows, and those who may need us most, our community’s orphans (known today as unaccompanied homeless minors).

Our work is discreet, so you may not see or hear the hundreds of stories of those we help each year, but each Mason can and should be proud of the fact that the Fraternity brings Hope and support when it is needed most. We bring light to those we serve, every day.

Our mission is to “To create a culture of philanthropy to invest in youth and education, provide comfort and support for seniors and those in need, and to preserve and share the Masonic heritage of Washington.” WAMC is the 501c 3 charitable arm of the Freemasons of Washington.

The WAMC Board of Trustees has recently adopted a five-year strategic plan focusing on three key objective areas – youth, older adults and those in need, and maintaining our Masonic heritage.

Masonic Outreach Services
In 2018-2019 our Masonic Outreach Services program provided more than $5 million in value to those we served, which is almost a $7 return on investment for every dollar spent. Of that $3.5 million in value was provided to our older Masonic Brothers and Widows.

We have initiated our Masons Care! - Operation Masonic Relief program, Partnering with Lodges to improve communication, engagement, and support for older Brethren, their widows, and Masons in need.

On the Level Student Success – Helping community orphans attending public school to stay in school so they can succeed academically and in life. In partnership with local Lodges, more than 60 students experiencing homelessness were helped to stay in school and on track to graduate.

T.H.I.N.K. Civility – Helping young people develop the tools and leadership skills so the next generation may improve the nature of civil discourse. This year we worked in strong partnership with Washington DeMolay and Washington-Idaho International Order of Rainbow for Girls to provide leadership training around the issue of civility. In addition we partnered with DECA, a statewide leadership and marketing club in 190 high schools in Washington. In all we served more than 250 young people in this program.

Scholarships – Assuring that deserving students with few resources can obtain the vocational, college, or university education to become successful adults. This year we realigned our program, and while making fewer scholarship awards increased the amount for each student and focused on those with greatest needs. Five total were awarded, including three Legacy Scholarships for children or grandchildren of Masons.

WA Masonic Library and Museum – Partnering with Lodges to provide programming and support for library and museum collections. This year we accomplished the complete bar coding and inventory of the book collection, which was a major undertaking by WB Harold Hobbs and WB Mark Conlee. Our Masonic education group met weekly on Mondays, and we saw a significant increase in the number of unique visitors to the Museum and Library web page. Fifty five collections were donated to the Library & Museum over the course of the year.