Masonic Relief

How to Obtain Masonic Relief – Masons in good standing, Masonic widows in distress, or members of our Masonic family should please first completes the Request for Masonic Relief form, then reach out to their local Lodge. After seeking assistance from the Lodge, and completing the form, the next step is to contact our skilled staff at Masonic Outreach Services at 253.442.2505 x 103. We will do our best to help find the best long term solution to meet the current needs.

Applicants may expect Washington Masonic Charities work with them to 1) identify opportunities to streamline finances, 2) obtain community resources, and 3) to coordinate Masonic relief resources such as Grand Lodge Charity Committee, Masonic Service Bureau, etc. Applicants should expect to provide thorough financial information. Applicants should not expect to receive direct cash payment – if dollars are provided they are generally issued directly to the vendor on behalf of the client. As a 501 c 3, WA Masonic Charities is not a Fraternal Benefit organization per IRS rules and regulations.

Process for Masonic Relief

Please follow these three steps to obtain Masonic Relief:
1. Home Lodge: Contact you Lodge Worshipful Master or Lodge Secretary and find out what the Lodge’s process is to request assistance.

2. Grand Lodge Charity Committee: For needs greater than your Lodge can provide, you may complete a Request for Masonic Relief form, found on the Grand Lodge website. Follow the instructions or call us for assistance. This will go through the Grand Lodge Charity Committee process. Grand Lodge Masonic Relief Application.

3. (A) WA Masonic Charities: If the need still exists, then WA Masonic Charities may also be able to provide limited one-time emergency needs assistance.

3. (B) WA Masonic Service Bureau may also be able to provide assistance. The MSB’s primary focus is assisting Masons in good standing who are going through financial issues – loss of job, or sudden hardship expenses. MSB assistance is Short-Term in nature. Masons in good standing need to be sponsored by their home Lodge.Visit the Masonic Service Bureau website or call or 206-937-1445.

Washington Masonic Charities’ professionally trained and experienced staff provide confidential outreach and stabilization assistance for Freemasons in good standing anywhere in Washington. This includes wives, Masonic widows, and, depending on circumstances, family members.

Masonic relief is intended to assist an individual or family when a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action for which there are no known community resources available to meet the need or the urgency of the situation.

Due to limitations and restrictions on funding, Masonic Relief is not intended as a long term solution.

Assistance may include connecting the requester with local resources to assist in sustaining self-sufficiency.

If you, or a member of the Masonic family is experiencing a qualifying emergency need (as defined above), call our office and ask to speak to one of our case managers. Dial: 1-844-228-3531.