2019-20 Scholarship Program

College Students

Washington Masonic Charities is proud to partner with the Grand Lodge of Washington to offer scholarships for deserving young people throughout the state of Washington. Masons believe strongly in investing in the education of young people – tens of thousands of dollars a year in scholarships are provided to youth by Masonic Lodges across the state. We’ve also made it convenient for you to support these students. To make a gift, click here.

Student, Masonic Legacy, and Educator Application Information
Click here to open the online application portal and search “Washington Masonic Charities”.

UPDATE: 2019-20 Scholarships program begins November 1, 2019. Lodges wishing to partner with WA Masonic Charities are asked to complete the Review Team Sign Up Form. Once signed up, further instructions will be issued.


Applicant & Lodge Timeline
Student Timeline: Dates could change
November 1, 2019 – Student Applications Open Online
February 28, 2020 – Student Applications Close Online

Awards & Announcements Timeline
April 28, 2020 – Winning Lodges and District Deputies of statewide winners (both Student Scholarship and Outstanding Educator) will be notified by e-mail or telephone, with written confirmation to follow.
April 28 – May 2020 – Lodges award all scholarships and the Educator of the Year Award to recipients at their Public Schools Awards Program or other suitable occasion.

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