Bikes for Books

Lodges Partner with WAMC for Discounts

Bikes for Books is a great way to support your local schools by encouraging kids to read.
Washington Masonic Charities & Huffy are partnering to provide you with an opportunity to obtain bikes for your Lodge’s Bikes for Books Program at significant discounts.

How It Works:

  1. Lodges participate by completing the “opt in” form by clicking here
  2. Coordinate your bike purchase needs with our Children & Youth Programs Coordinator by calling or emailing Kurt Miller at 253.442.2505 x108 or We will obtain a quote, based on your needs.
  3. Issue a check to Washington Masonic Charities for the price quoted from our office.
  4. Once bikes are received, assemble the bikes (involves putting on handlebars, seats, and pedals)
  5. Deliver the bikes to the school
  6. Take photos and share with WAMC
  7. Provide WAMC with information from their schools on how the bikes were used, and what was the result (i.e., Jefferson Elementary School awarded two bikes. Participants achieved 10,000 hours of reading…or 300,000 pages were read…or 750 books were read by 80 participating students)

Once WAMC receives your bike contribution, we will:

  1. Provide a price quote, verify the order with you
  2. Contact Huffy and submit the paperwork to purchase the bikes
  3. Arrange for shipping to your preferred location
  4. Celebrate your Lodge’s success in our newsletter and on our social media, once your Lodge provides us with final information

To opt in, visit, or call us at 253.442.2505 x 108 to sign up today