Welcome to the Library

The Grand Lodge Library contains over 30,000 books, photos and documents.  They are uniquely organized by a Masonic catalog system.  The library has over 700 lin. ft of shelf space for browsing.  Books are available for checkout by members of the masonic community.  There are satellite libraries distributed geographically  throughout Washington.

Library specific documents and processes:

Library Catalog

Use of Library World for Artifacts

An experiment is underway to use Library World for storage of our artifact database.  The method is “fluid” at the moment but initial thoughts are shown below. 

Link to PDF of current process here.

Search Library:

Enter: Washington Masonic Library and Museum in the “name” of the library to begin the search. No password is required.

All holdings of the Washington Masonic Library have been placed online using the facilities of

Customers of the Library will be assigned a library card as the Barcode facilities are brought online. 

Library and Museum Branch Libraries

Library Locations
Main Branch 4970 Bridgeport Way W.
University Place, WA 98467

Verity Branch
805 E Smith St, 
Kent, WA 980307

University Branch
4338 University Way NE,
Seattle, WA 98105

Bremerton Branch
878 5th St.
Bremerton, WA 98337

Sequim Branch
​700 S. 5th Ave. 
Sequim, WA 

Richland Branch
412 Thayer Dr,
Richland, WA 99352

Search by Branch:

Contents within a branch library can be selected by searching  the field for  location and inserting (for example) branch:verit. This will result in a “find set” containing just those books that reside in the Verity branch.
Library World Admin

New Import (old db)

Instructions for search of Branch Libraries

There are two ways to search, either by name in the location field as shown above, or by barcode.  Below is the format for each search:

Location: branch:verit
​barcode: 8059*


To search by barcode select “barcode” in the drop down menu and put the beginning 4 digits of the branch 8059 for verity, followed by the wild card “*” to get every book with a barcode beginning with 8059.

Barcode Information

Barcodes are 8 digits————-
1nnnnnnn – Patron ID Number ——- 
2nnnnnnn – Reserved ——- 
3nnnnnnn – Book Barcode ——- 
4nnnnnnn – Proceedings Barcode ——- 
5nnnnnnn – Article Barcode ——- 
6nnnnnnn – Unused ——-
7nnnnnnn – Unused ——-
8nnnnnnn – Lodge Branch Libraries ——- 
…8059nnnn – Verity Branch ——-
…8141nnnn – University Branch ——- 
…8206nnnn – Bremerton Branch ——- 
…8213nnnn – Sequim Branch ——-
…8293nnnn – Richland Branch ——- 
9nnnnnnn – Admin Use ——-

Library Classification System

Click HERE to download a PDF of the library classification system using the modified Boyden System

Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Washington
 – online and PDF- 1858 – Present

Washington Masonic Code PDF

Old Access Database – Not up to date but can be used offline
Updated February 24, 2014

Digital Books and Articles
Books and articles in the Public Domain that can be downloaded from this or other libraries.