Donating to the Collection

Donations of Books and Objects to the Museum

Due to limited space we can only accept items that are unique to the history of the Grand Jurisdiction of Washington.

Prior to visiting the Library and Museum to make a donation, we ask that you first contact one of the volunteers or the Executive Director to discuss the possible donation. Please do not give items to the Grand Lodge of Washington to pass on to the Library and Museum. Call ahead at (253) 442-2505, or send an email.

We reserve the right to not accept a donation to the collection if it does not fit our collection priorities, or if we cannot take care of it properly. Donate items are not automatically placed on display. We also reserve the right to sell, loan, or trade items in the collection if they are duplicates or do not fit our collections priorities, unless restrictions on use have been made in writing at the time of the acceptance of the donation. All proceeds from books or objects in the collection that are sold will be used for the upkeep and furtherance of the mission of the Washington Masonic Library and Museum.