Community Assistance

To apply for charitable assistance, please call (844) 288-3531 and ask to speak to one of our case managers.

Community Charitable Assistance is limited to helping people obtain basic necessities or who are at risk of loss of basic necessities without assistance.  Applicants for charitable relief are assigned to work with a case manager and should expect the following:

  • All charitable assistance is confidential.
  • We will ask you to fill out an application form that includes personal and financial information, the nature of the situation, the cause, and what steps you have already taken.
  • Applicants who are approved to become clients will be assigned to a case manager who will conduct a financial review and assessment to identify potential resources and opportunities.
  • Approved clients will work closely with the case manager to develop a plan of action that includes one or more of the following – streamlining current expenses, identifying and applying for available entitlements, and identifying and applying for local and community resources.
  • If all of these options have been explored and/or exhausted, then depending on the availability of funds, Masonic Outreach Services may also contribute charitable cash assistance.
  • We will follow up with you and ask that you complete and return a survey about your experience.

The scope of our charitable cash assistance is limited to the following:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Essential needs, such as toiletries, etc.
  • Shelter & associated expenses
  • Transportation
  • Medicine

All charitable assistance is contingent on the following:

  •  The requestor completes an application for charitable assistance.  If the applicant needs assistance in completing the application, our case managers will assist.
  •  Applicants agree to make themselves and their finances available to our case managers to review, assess and create plans of action.
  •  To obtain charitable assistance, as described above, individuals agree to provide verifiable financial information as requested by our case managers. 
  •  Applicants agree to follow through on any actions determined by the mutually-agreed-to plan of action and communicate with the case manager in a timely fashion.
  •  Applicants agree to return case manager phone calls or emails within 72 hours or sooner, if deadlines require.
  •  Assistance is limited to resources we have on hand and on a financial need basis. 
  •  Clients will agree that any charitable assistance provided will be limited to the amount and duration determined by the organization.
  •  Charitable cash assistance is not given directly to the client, but to the vendor of the service, basic need, etc.
  •  Charitable cash assistance may not be used for the purpose of purchasing alcohol, controlled substances, gambling, or any activity in conflict with Masonic values.