Learn How To Make Your Home Safer and More Comfortable

Learn How To Make Your Home Safer and More Comfortable

Our case managers are certified Senior Home Safety Specialists and can do a free home safety assessment that covers:

  • Fall Prevention
  • Fire Safety
  • Preparing the Home for Persons with Alzheimer’s
  • Home Technology
  • Crime Prevention
  • Scam and Identity Theft
  • Communication Challenges

To learn more, or to schedule an assessment, contact  Byron Cregeur at 253-442-2505, byron@masonscare.org.

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Tacoma Youth need Part Time Help this Summer


Do you need a part time job? The YMCA might be right for you! Franklin-Pierce School District in Tacoma has asked if we can help them find Part-Time Day Time Enrichment Coordinator for July and August.  Without enough help, the YMCA Summer programs will be cut back, or even cancelled. If you, or anyone you know, has the desire to help children in low income areas consider applying for this position.  Please contact us at Washington Masonic Charities, or aignacio@ymcapkc.org.

Please consider an ongoing donation to help youth in your area.

For more information about the Youth and Scholarship Programs, please contact Program Director, Kirsten Putman at (253) 267-8251 or Kirsten@MasonsCare.org


Specialized Enrichment Instructor