Masonic Charity in Washington – Masons and charity go hand in hand. From the beginning of Masonry in Washington (1852), Masons created schools, build retirement homes, established scholarships for young people, and contributed to improvements in reading and education. Masons have contributed an estimated charitable support of hundreds of million dollars over the past 160 plus years for young and old alike across Washington

Background – Washington Masonic Charities is the 501 (c) 3 nonprofit charity of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Washington.  The nonprofit was originally formed in 1997 as the Masonic Retirement Center of Washington to operate the 1926 Masonic Retirement Center in Des Moines, WA. In 2012, the Masonic Retirement Center of Washington was consolidated with two smaller 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organizations and renamed named Washington Masonic Charities.

Staff were hired in 2014, and programs and services were built on the previous foundation.  Every effort has been made to build and operate the organization to reflect current best practices in nonprofit management, while honoring Masonic traditions and values.  Everything that is in place and functioning today is a result of the 2014 implementation of the Board business plan.

Today Washington Masonic Charities operates in three primary areas – youth, older adults and those in need, and Masonic heritage.  We operate Children and Youth Programs, Masonic Outreach Services, and the Washington Masonic Library and Museum.

In 2016 Washington Masonic Charities and the Grand Lodge of Washington formalized two key documents to provide guidance and to assure stability in funding.  These included a memorandum of understanding, and a beneficial interest agreement, which established a formal and documented connection between the Grand Lodge Home Endowment Fund, Home Fund, Scholarship Endowment Fund, and Charity Fund, and Washington Masonic Charities. 

In 2017, Washington Masonic Charities established the Washington Masonic Charities Endowment, which is comprised of several funds focused on supporting older adults, individuals in need, senior Masons and widows, children’s programs and services, scholarships, and the Masonic Library and Museum.

Our mission is to create a culture of philanthropy to invest in youth and education, provide comfort and support for seniors and those in need, and preserve and share the Masonic heritage of Washington.

Our Vision is to build an environment where people live with meaning and dignity, and can learn, grow and be safe. Our Masonic heritage and values are the cornerstone to fulfill this vision.