Who Do I Call For That?

If you have a question about a social service, I have the resource for you!

Do you need to know where you can donate furniture locally? Who in your community is doing taxes for seniors for free? Where is a local food bank and what are their hours? What cat rescue is in my area?  I know just who to call for that!


2-1-1 is a nationwide resource provided by the United Way to help residents find direction for all of their social services needs. 2-1-1 is like a human phone book with people who can help problem solve and look for resources to find solutions for all  different kinds of issues.  There are 7 different regional 2-1-1 centers in Washington State. Each region is an expert on the resources available in their area.  By being experts on their local area, your 2-1-1 Resource Manager will give the most up to date and accurate information possible.  2-1-1 Resource Managers are trained to help in many different areas, specifically, in basic needs, family resources, health care, specialized needs and language services.

No matter where you are in Washington State, you can dial 2-1-1 and be connected to your local Regional Call Center.

If you have questions about another Region, in or outside Washington State, their information can be found online at 211.org or by calling your local center and they can find the number for you.

This resource has been so helpful in finding resources for the unaccompanied homeless youth I assist in the On The Level: Student Success Program through Washington Masonic Charities.

I wanted to pass it on so that everyone can know who to call for those unusual things that fall under the Social Services Umbrella. For more information or questions please contact me, Kirsten Putman at (253) 267-8251 or Kirsten@MasonsCare.org

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