Tacoma Youth Do Good

On Wednesday, August 11th I had the privilege of speaking to Tacoma Chapter, Order of DeMolay in Washington.  I was pleased to learn what an active and vibrant chapter they have. I heard of fun events, road trips, visits to other Chapters, State Events and Philanthropy. It was a pleasure to be in a meeting run so smoothly and efficiently.

I was there to explain to the young men the ripple effects of a service project they had done recently.  The Chapter had been called on by the other branch of Washington Masonic Charities, Masonic Outreach Services, who provide services that help older adults age in place.  Masonic Outreach Services has a client who needed assistance in performing some yard work. The case manager reached out to the Chapter Dad who happily worked with the young men of the Chapter to find a day to help this member of the Masonic Family.

It was a brutally hot July day, and the young men worked tirelessly.  The young men and advisors impressed the Client and Case Manager with their positive attitude and teamwork. “Tacoma DeMolay generously honored an elderly disabled Mason with their time, effort, and care in helping him with a large garden and yard project. I cannot exclaim enough how impressed the family and I were with how kind and hardworking all of the members, and the adults, were. The Mason and his family are very grateful. Thank you!” said Megan Johnson, Case Manager for Washington Masonic Charities. Within a few hours the work was completed. The young men refused payment and even offered to return in the fall, if needed.

The client was so impressed with this gesture of goodwill, he sent a payment to Washington Masonic Charities dedicated to the Youth Program.  The young men of Tacoma DeMolay had, inadvertently, provided their homeless peers with assistance.  Those funds will be used to help teens in their area without the benefit of the support system these young men take for granted.

A few hours of yard work may provide a homeless youth without a family with a much-needed meal, or clean clothes, or transportation. It may provide this young student with something more important than satisfying those very real physical needs; the feeling that someone cares about them.

It was very gratifying to get to explain to the young men of Tacoma Chapter DeMolay that their hard work had helped not only the Mason they intended to help, but many of their peers in ways they may never know. Acts of Service and Brotherly Love are nothing new for these young men, but it is rewarding to surprise them with the generosity their acts inspire.

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