Your Legacy – Stewards of the Future

Stewardship is a hallmark of the Masonic Fraternity.  When I took the helm of Washington Masonic Charities seven years ago, I quickly grew to appreciate our Masonic heritage, and the legacy that those who came before us left.

Transparency and fiscal responsibility has been a cornerstone of our work, especially since I was brought on to lead Washington Masonic Charities in 2014.  As a nonprofit professional and leader for nearly 35 years, I remain committed to honoring donor intentions by assuring that your gifts help those in need when they need it most, and in the most effective way possible.

Today Washington Masonic Charities is a strong and vibrant nonprofit that the Fraternity can be proud of.  Every day, the services provided for our clients reflect the charitable values and commitments that each Mason holds dear.

We help distressed Masons and Masonic widows.  We look after our older Brethren and their spouses to help them age in place or to navigate the challenges of long term care.  We help our community orphans by providing assistance to students experiencing homelessness that helps keep them connected to their school so they continue to attend classes and get the grades needed to graduate with a diploma or GED.

None of this is possible, however, without the bequests and estate gifts that Masons and their spouse leave behind as part of their legacy and commitment to the future.  Were it not for these Brethren and their Ladies’ leaving a legacy of good will for the future, we simply could not do the good work we do today.  As you may be thinking about what you will leave to provide for your spouse, your children and grandchildren when you are gone, please take a moment to think also about those commitments you have made as a Mason that extend to Brothers, Masonic widows and more. You may be able to continue helping – even when you are gone.

We may be able to show how legacy giving or current qualified charitable distributions may benefit you or your loved-ones by receiving tax deductions, or avoiding taxes through charitable giving.  We encourage you to talk with a financial advisor or attorney about your specific situation.

Please contact me at (253) 442-2525 or send an email to if you would like more information.  You may also visit our website

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