The Lasting Academic Impact of Homelessness

The Institute for Children, Poverty and Homelessness has complied some information about the  Lasting Academic Impact of Homelessness on Students.

Students that are homeless have less positive educational experiences and are less likely to pass each grade level.

Homeless Students are more likely to drop out and not complete a high school education.

On any given night, over 40,000 students are homeless in Washington State. Nearly 7,00 of those have no parent or guardian.  At Washington Masonic Charities we focus on the Unaccompanied Homeless Youth population.

The On The Level: Student Success program focuses on helping unaccompanied homeless students to complete their current grade level.

Focusing on the current grade level allows the student, the school and the WAMC staff to focus on short term solutions to immediate problems.  By alleviating immediate needs for food, hygiene and clothing,  the school and the student explore long term solutions and programs focused on permanent housing.


If you, or your lodge would like to help us, please contact Kirsten Putman at 253-267-8251.  For more information about financial support please click here.




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