Delay can lead to Disaster

This is what can happen when brakes are not maintained

When “Gloria” went to see Jesus, the Homeless Liaison for Clover Park School District, he could visually see that something was wrong with the brakes on her van.  Gloria has been attending summer school and driving between Lakewood and SeaTac. Although Gloria doesn’t have a permanent place for herself and her toddler, she does have a couch in SeaTac, for now.

Jesus knew that the van needed to be inspected immediately. He contacted Washington Masonic Charities and we agreed that the safety of this homeless youth and her toddler was an emergency need. After inspection, it was discovered that the vehicle needed new brakes, rotors and was unsafe to drive.

With funding provided from Washington Masonic Charities this homeless family was able to get back on the road and safely back to their night-time residence in a matter of hours.

It is these seemingly small, but very significant gifts that can change the future for a young person. Without our help, this student would not have been able to get back to her temporary home, or to continue attending school.  This one afternoon could have stopped her graduation.

This student has prioritized education through homelessness, teen pregnancy and many other difficulties. The fact that we at WA-MC have had a small part in helping her continue to reach for her goals is exactly why our On The Level: Student Success Program exists. Days like today prove that #MasonsCare

According to AAA  35% of Americans delayed maintenance on their vehicles last year. I don’t know how many of those are homeless parents, but I know that at least one was.  It is expensive to be living hand to mouth. Sometimes it is the cost of supplies, sometimes it is the labor, and sometimes it is not having a trusted shop, whatever the reason, delayed maintenance can lead to other items breaking. By not being able to fix her brake pads the cost of the repairs quadrupled and Gloria’s safety was threatened.

This is a place where local Masonic Lodges could be of assistance. Do you have members who would be willing to help homeless students with car maintenance? Let me connect your Lodge with the School District and we can see what the need in your area is.   Help local homeless youth learn that #MasonsCare

Please Contact Kirsten Putman at (253) 267-8251 or


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