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WAMC offers valuable workshops with content designed to help you plan and prepare for your later years.  Our workshop topics are selected based on challenges older adults experience and the volume of calls requesting assistance in that area. Here is our next series of workshops.  Which ones do you feel will help you plan, or help you assist an older loved one?

All workshops are at the following link or dial-in number:      Meeting ID: 874 5000 9597         Passcode: 212763     or by phone 1-253-215-8782  


Preparing for Your Future – Why Retirement Planning Matters to You – Creation & Accumulation – Provide & Protect Series 

Thursday July 29th   7:00 PM   

Planning for the financial future of your family is important and can make the difference between comfort and struggle in your later years. In this workshop you will learn about the importance of starting and contributing to retirement accounts, types of retirement accounts and how to start them, and how to have enough money when you retire. 


Respite for the Caregiver 

Tuesday, August 3rd  2:00 PM 

Being a caregiver for a loved one is not easy.  As care needs increase, caregivers become over tired and overwhelmed.  They need time to recharge and often are unaware when their health and ability to provide is jeopardized.   Join our workshop to learn 1) the short-term and long-term benefits of respite for the caregiver, and 2) how to find support so the caregiver can rest knowing necessary care is still be provided.  This workshop targets adult children, friends of caregivers, and caregivers. 


Keep It Once You Build It – Building a Better Retirement – Provide & Protect Series 

Thursday, August 12th  7:00 PM 

This workshop builds on Part I.  In this workshop you will learn why it’s important to look realistically at retirement expenses, strategies for increasing your wealth, and how to weather the financial unexpected. (All may attend – no need to have attended prior series workshops.)  


Financial Benefits and Importance of Planning Your Legacy – Provide & Protect Series Distribution 

Thursday, August 26th  7:00 PM 

Estate planning is not only important, but it may also benefit you and your family financially by helping you bypass gains, provide income, or receive charitable deductions.  In this workshop you will learn why everyone needs an estate plan, how family and legacy planning can help you accomplish your financial and charitable goals, and how Washington Masonic Charities can help. (All may attend – no need to have attended prior series workshops)  


When Daily Activities Get Too Difficult 

Monday, September 13th  Noon 

Learn how to help your older loved ones when assistance with daily activities is needed.    Areas we’ll cover include types of care needed, care provider options, costs and benefit programs that may cover part of the costs.   This workshop targets older adults and adult children with aging parents.  


How To Make Difficult Conversations Easier 

Wednesday, October 6th   1:00 PM 

Families are faced with difficult conversations as the parents get older. Too often very important conversations do not occur related to housing, finances, safety, care giving needs, and what to do when they pass. Initiating these conversations can feel challenging. You may be afraid of resistance from the other person and how it may impact your current relationship with them. Join us and learn ways to approach these conversations so it’s easier for you and your loved one. 


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