Should Adult Children Pay Their Parents’ Healthcare Bills?

Last week I received a call from a Mason who was concerned about paying his parents’ growing healthcare debt. He felt responsible and was concerned that in doing so he would not be able to provide for his family. Should he pay or not?  His situation is not uncommon. More adult children find their aging parents financially unable to pay medical and long term care bills.  So who pays and why?  To begin, we acknowledge that every situation is different.  Simply stated though, adult children can pay toward their aging parents’ healthcare bills if they want, but they are not legally liable to do so.  Healthcare providers have financial assistance programs and set up payment plans.  IF all financial resources have been expended, Medicaid is an option.  To learn more about Medicaid, click here or call us at 253-442-2505 and ask to speak to one of our case managers.

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