How To Make Your Home More Comfortable Today And Tomorrow

The AARP HomeFit Guide provides a great opportunity for you to help older members and Masonic widows live more safely and comfortably in their home. Take a look at the guide (link below) and you’ll see how easy it can be to assist while visiting and walking through the guide’s suggested minor home alternations. For example, switch round door knobs with lever style door handles on the interior and exterior of the house.
Going through the HomeFit guide with an older member or Masonic widow is a great way to engage them, and to let them know you care about their well-being.
Work with your Secretary to identify who best to call. Ask to set up a time to visit, wear personal protective equipment and bring two copies of the HomeFit Guide – one for you and one to leave with them. If a home visit is not best, walk through the guide over the phone and take notes for a future visit. Stay in communication with the member or widow because Masons Care.  Click here for copy of the guide.

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