Thank You! Endowment Grows in 2021

May 1st was the beginning of Washington Masonic Charities’ new fiscal year.  During the past 12 months, nearly $600,000 was contributed by individuals, Lodges, Masonic orders, and foundations in support of our mission.  Thank you!  A sizable portion of these gifts (65%) were contributed to Washington Masonic Charities’ endowment, which means that these gifts will continue to support our mission for years and decades to come.

The Washington Masonic Charities Endowment is separate from Grand Lodge endowment funds.  This endowment was created with the caveat that funds not begin being distributed until 2023 so they would have an opportunity to grow.  Since its inception in 2017, the endowment has more than doubled from $729,000 to $1,600,258.  This is thanks in large part to the decisions of Masons to leave bequests and planned gifts. Today 100% of contributions that go into the Endowment are designated strictly for charitable purposes, and distribution will begin in 2023.Making a planned gift is easier than one might think.  Here are just a few of ways:

  • Qualified charitable distribution from 401K, 403B or IRAs.
  • Naming Washington Masonic Charities as a beneficiary on one or more retirement accounts.
  • Naming Washington Masonic Charities as a beneficiary on insurance policies.
  • Leaving a bequest to Washington Masonic Charities in your last will and testament.
In some cases you or your family may receive a tax benefit too!
For more information, please sign up for our no-cost Estate Planning Guide, or give us a call at (253) 442-2505 X 101.

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